[Closed] Some Regions Restarting Monday Morning

[Closed 11:17am PST, 03 December 2012] The server room rack work and related restarts are now finished.

[Update 10:15am PST, 03 December 2012] We’re getting started on this work a little later than planned. It’ll kick off at 10:30 and should only take a few minutes to complete. ¬†Approximately 415 regions will be affected, and each of the regions will receive a five-minute warning in world. ¬†As always, if the scope or schedule of the work changes, we’ll update you.

[Posted 7:17pm PST, 02 December 2012] At approximately 6:30 am PST tomorrow (3 December 2012) we will be performing some scheduled maintenance on three server racks. Regions hosted on those racks will restart. We will attempt to minimize latency on restart times, but some affected regions may be down for longer than the usual restart cycle.

As always, if the scope or scheduling of the work changes, we will update you here.