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[CANCELED] Support Portal Maintenance Saturday Night

Friday, May 29th, 2009

[Updated, May 29, 2:45pm Pacific] The scheduled maintenance planned for tomorrow night has been canceled.  We will update this blog if it gets rescheduled!

The Support Portal will be undergoing some maintenance on Saturday, May 30th from 9-10pm, Pacific.

During this time period, the KnowledgeBase, Live Chat and Ticket submission will not be available, but our telephone lines will be unaffected.

[RESOLVED] Reminder - Support Portal Maintenance, 27th May 7am-10am

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

[RESOLVED 1:26pm PST] Maintenance is complete and the Support Portal is now available.

[UPDATE 12:18pm PST] The maintenance is running a little long, but should be completed shortly. Please watch this blog for further updates.

[Updated 10:17] The maintenance has been extended and the Support Portal will remain offline until 12:00.

[Updated May 27, 7:04am PST] The maintenance has started, and our Support Portal is now offline.

As per our notice a few days ago, the Support Portal will be undergoing some maintenance today, Wednesday 27th May from 7:00am until 10:00am Pacific.

During this time period, Live Chat and Ticket submission will not be available although telephone calls will be unaffected.

[RESOLVED] Issue Tracker (Jira) Temporarily unavailable

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

[RESOLVED 11:29am PST] - The Issue Tracker (Jira) is once again available and can be used as normal.

The Issue Tracker, also known as Jira, is temporarily unavailable. We are currently working to bring the service back up. Please keep an eye on this blog for further updates as they become available.

[RESOLVED] Support Portal Live Chat offline

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

[RESOLVED 5:14am Pacific] The Support Portal is back to normal operation.

[UPDATE 4:15am Pacific] We have reports that ticket submissions may also time out. If this happens, please keep trying. Your ticket will go through eventually.

The Live Chat feature of our Support Portal is offline at present.  We are working with our third party provider to resolve this as quickly as possible.

Tickets and Telephone calls remain unaffected meantime.

[RESOLVED] Maintenance work May 26th, 12am to 6am PST

Monday, May 25th, 2009

[12:55am Pacific - RESOLVED]  The planned maintenance work is now complete.

[IN PROGRESS] We will be continuing our project to improve both the performance and maintainability of our network, by moving many of the servers that work behind the scenes onto a new network.

There will be a 6 hour stretch of maintenance work on Tuesday, the 26th of May, between 12am and 6am PST.

Expected impact on your Second Life Experience includes but is not limited to:

  • Regions restarted during this time frame won’t restart
  • Logins might be affected
  • Downloading new viewer software and other website functionalities might be affected
  • Crossing between neighbouring regions as well as visibility of neighbouring regions might be impaired
  • L$ transactions might not work or not be shown immediately; please do not make any L$ transactions during this time frame
  • XML-RPC might be not working
  • Estate settings  might appear wrongly or not responsive to changes
  • Some Residents might get logged off

We will update this post when the work starts, keep you posted during the process or if we run into any unexpected difficulties, and when we’ll be finished.

Scheduled Maintenance Incidents, May 24 - May 30

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

We have several rounds of brief maintenance to various Second Life features coming up this week.  

  • Today (May 24), 5-7 pm Pacific - Payment Processing:  Some US-based Residents and all non-US Residents may experience intermittent disruptions in their ability to update accounts or to transact on LindeX during this period.  Interruptions are almost certain between 5:20 pm and 5:40 pm Pacific.
  • Tuesday (May 26), 3-5 am Pacific - Voice chat:  Residents may experience intermittent disruptions while using voice chat during this time. The Beta Grid will not be affected.
  • Wednesday (May 27), 7-10 am Pacific - Support Portal:  Tickets and Live Chat will be unavailable during this time.
  • Saturday (May 30), 9-10 pm Pacific - Support Portal:  Tickets and Live Chat will be unavailable during this time.
If the scope or schedule of any of the work changes, we’ll update here.

[RESOLVED] Emergency maintenance is completed

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

[10:30PM] Emergency maintenance is needed

We are performing unscheduled maintenance to Second Life that may cause a disruption to inworld services such as teleporting.  Keep any eye on this post for any updates as they become available.

[Complete 2009-05-21 05:00AM] Rolling Restart to deploy 1.26.4, Monday 05/18 and Wed-Thu 05/20-21

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

2009-05-21 10:40AM: The 1.26.4 rolling restart is complete.

2009-05-21 08:20AM: Due to an error in the rolling restart, we accidentally started re-deploying 1.26.3. The rolling restart will start over, deploying 1.26.4. This means that regions already restarted will need to be restarted again. We apologize for this inconvenience.

2009-05-21 05:00AM: Rolling restarts will be in progress this morning from 7AM till 11AM.

2009-05-20 09:50AM: The first-half rolling restarts is complete.

2009-05-20 06:52AM: The first-half rolling restarts is beginning.

2009-05-18 10:05AM: The pilot roll is complete.

We will be deploying server version 1.26.4 to Second Life the week of May 18.  The rolling restart will follow this schedule:

  • Mon. 05/18, 9-11AM : a pilot roll of ~3000 regions
  • Wed. 05/20, 7-11AM : half of Second Life will be restarted
  • Thu. 05/21, 7-11AM : the remainder of Second Life will be restarted

As with all of our server deploys, each region will be restarted once during one of the rolling restart periods.  Most regions will be down no more than 5-10 minutes, although some fraction of the regions will take 20-30 minutes to upgrade.  If your region stays down for more than 30 minutes, please contact support.  Each region will receive warnings starting 5 minutes before that region is restarted.

Release notes describing what is new in server 1.26.4 can be found on this page on the Second Life wiki.

Questions and discussion about the rolling restart may be directed to the comment thread of this post on the Second Life Release Team blog.

[RESOLVED] Wiki and Issue Tracker Maintenance

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

[RESOLVED] Scheduled wiki and Public Issue Tracker maintenance has been completed. and (the Issue Tracker) will be undergoing maintenance by our third party vendor at 1:00 am Pacific on Wednesday 20th May for approximately one hour.

There may be some intermittent downtime during this period and the both sites will be read-only.  Please refrain from creating or editing articles or issues during this time frame.

[RESOLVED] Intermittent Problems with New User Registration

Monday, May 18th, 2009

[RESOLVED 9:06PM Pacific] The problems have been resolved, and you should no longer encounter any problems in signing up a new account.

[7:26PM Pacific] Due to a technical problem, the new user registration might throw intermittent errors, such as “Registration not available”. We are aware of the problem and working to fix it. In the meantime, if you run into any problems registering a new account, please contact our support team to submit a ticket. Please be sure to use the same email address and give the full name of the account you tried to register.