New Test Viewer: 1.22 RC2 now Available

We are releasing the third iteration of the Viewer 1.22 Release Candidate (RC2). Please help us to identify any new bugs before it becomes an official download for Second Life.

If you have already been using the Release Candidate (RC1), you will now be required to update to RC2 with the latest bug fixes. But, participating in the Release Candidate viewers is completely optional. You may install this viewer side-by-side with the official 1.21 viewer that you normally use.

In RC2, we have repaired some of the most pressing bugs you reported regarding inadvertent black textures on unrezzed objects or avatars. There are also fine-tuned improvements to picking the object under your cursor. A complete list of fixes is available in the Full release notes.

We need your help to find crash cases and other feedback! Please visit the Test Viewers page to download the 1.22 RC2 viewer.

You can discuss the release of this new Release Candidate here in the SL Forums.

Be sure to report new issues in the Issue Tracker and set the “Affects Version/s” to “1.22 Release Candidate”.