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[RESOLVED] Residents Unable To Connect To Second Life

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

[RESOLVED 6:20PM Pacific ] The server is now up and running smoothly and affected residents should now be able to log in.

[UPDATE 5:00PM Pacific ] Server recovery is taking a little bit longer than anticipated, but we are still expecting a resolution soon.

[UPDATE 3:56PM Pacific ] Our technicians estimate that the inventory server will be back to normal within the next hour

[2:56 PM Pacific] A problem on one of our inventory servers means it is running more slowly than normal. Residents whose inventory is stored on this server may experience slow logins, delays or failed inventory transactions. Our technicians are still working on this issue.

[2:00 PM Pacific] We’re currently investigating reports from residents who’re getting stuck the logging in page when attempting to connect to Second Life.

[Resolved]Website and Database Issues

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

[Resolved] Transaction Histories and other features on the website should be functioning normally once again.

We are experiencing problems with the website accurately updating. This will mean pages such as transaction histories, friends online, etc will not be up to date. Our technicians are working on the problem and should have it resolved soon. We will update you as soon as we know more or the problem has been fixed.

[RESOLVED] Partial Inventory Maintenance Scheduled for Tuesday 11/25/08

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

[07:45am PST] The scheduled maintenance has concluded.

[25. November '08, 06:30am PST] The scheduled maintenance is now under way. We project it to last for about 1 hour and a half, and will let you know as soon as we’re finished.

We’re arranging a partial outage on Tuesday morning, November 25, 2008, for an upgrade to a group of inventory databases. There will be groups of residents affected by this between 6:30 and 8:00 a.m. PST. Groups of affected residents will not be able to log in during this time.

New Test Viewer: 1.22 RC1 now Available

Monday, November 24th, 2008

Second Life 1.22 Release Candidate (RC1) Viewer is now available which addresses the following issue:

  • VWR-10619: Crash when starting a group IM from contacts window ( Crash in LLTextEditor::findHTML )

We’re working on the next iteration of the 1.22 Viewer which will include additional fixes.

Please check out the Full release notes for a complete list of issues addressed in 1.22. Be sure to report new issues in the Issue Tracker and set the “Affects Version/s” to “1.22 Release Candidate”.

Inventory Recovery: Check for Found Items

Monday, November 24th, 2008

We have just completed a project that recovered a large set of missing inventory items.

Do you think you may have missing inventory?

You can check your Inventory “Lost & Found” folder for possible returned items.

The best way to see whether any of your things have been recovered is to clear your Second Life Viewer cache, restart your Second Life Viewer, log back inworld and then check your Inventory. Any recovered items will be located in their owner’s “Lost & Found” folder.

These particular recovered items were not showing up in Residents’ inventories because they did not have a parent folder. Please note that items lost for other reasons would not be affected by this project.

Generally, if you suspect an inventory loss problem, the first thing to do is clear your cache and relog. For more information see the Wiki Inventory page.

We are still working on a patch that will put any items that become lost in future because of a missing parent folder problem into the “Lost & Found” folder automatically upon relogging.

[RESOLVED] In-world services affected by network disruption

Monday, November 24th, 2008

[RESOLVED 01:17am Pacific] - The network problems have now been rectified.

[00:51am Pacific] - Due to some network disruption residents will be experiencing a short period of in-world services not working correctly.  These include, transactions, teleporting and rezzing.

We are aware of the problem and working actively to restore normal service.  We will update you here with more information.

[RESOLVED] Updating billing info and L$ purchase

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

[RESOLVED 2:52pm PST] The problem has been corrected and should no longer be affecting residents attempting to purchase L$.  If you are having difficulties buying L$, please delete and reenter your Credit Card information.

[1:25pm PST] Some residents are unable to purchase L$. This issue is still being investigated.

[12:33pm PST] We are in contact with our credit card processor to seek a resolution to this issue again, and we have received word from our billing processor that problems are still being investigated.

[11:11am PST] This issue appears to be fixed for some Residents, while others might still see an error when trying to update their billing info for a credit card. We continue our investigation into this, and will keep you posted with all new information we find.

PayPal continues to work normally.

[01:29am PST] - This issue is still being investigated.

[23rd November 2008:  00:12am PST] - We are in contact with our credit card processor to seek a resolution to this issue.

[RE-OPENED 11.12pm PST] - Some residents are experiencing difficulties in buying L$ and updating billing info again and we are looking into this.

[RESOLVED 5:54pm PST] - All billing services should be back to normal availability at  this time.

[UPDATED 2:19pm PST] - Since we have not updated in a few hours, we wanted to let you know that , as of current, the aforementioned issues are still in effect. We are keeping in contact with the processor and will notify you of any changes as soon as we are aware of them.

[UPDATED 10:22am PST] We have made contact to our credit card processor, who verified that they are aware of the issues and working to fix them.

[22. November '08, 08:56am PST] Due to a problem with our credit card processor, you might find that you are unable to update your billing information or buy L$ via the LindeX at this point in time. Paypal transactions are not affected.

[RESOLVED] Teleport issues

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

[RESOLVED 03:56am PST] The networking issues have been resolved.

[UPDATE 03:31am PST] Furthermore, you might find that some regions are not visible or accessible from the neighboring region; this is due to the nature of the network issues which prevent regions located on servers in different colocations from being able to communicate to one another.

[21. November '08, 03:11am PST] Due to network problems, we’re seeing teleports fail more than usual. We are working to fix this as quickly as possible.

Support Portal Maintenance: Friday 21st November

Friday, November 21st, 2008
There will be a period of essential maintenance to our Support Portal on Friday 21st November from 7pm until 7:30pm Pacific.During this time the ability to submit tickets and to use live chat will be unavailable.

[ENDED] Logins Temporarily Restricted

Friday, November 21st, 2008

[ENDED 11:31am PST] - Logins have been re-enabled.

[11:17 a.m. PST] Logins have been temporarily restricted while we clear a momentary database bottleneck. We expect to re-enable them very shortly.